about Kinkou

Hi, I’m jason.

I’ve been serving as a leader for over two decades and known for my focus on people – learning to understand the whole person, learning their unique abilities and challenges, helping them identify obstacles, and amplifying their superpowers.

I began my career in a technology startup, then worked as a consultant for multiple firms with clients across various industries and ranging in size from bootstrapped founders to Fortune 50 companies. As a Director responsible for leading Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) globally for the Starbucks Technology organization, I was sought after for my coaching and leadership development, spending many meaningful hours working with people & teams on transformational change.

I’m a lifelong learner on an unconventional professional path. In 2018 I started planning a shift from a sole leadership focus within Information Security and specializing heavily in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), to professional Coaching. After being a leader for many years, and enjoying the coaching aspect of my job more than anything, I decided to develop my professional coaching background with the Hudson Institute of Coaching, certifying as an Executive Coach. Hudson’s well-known and respected coaching methodology set me up well for meeting the extensive requirements of the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I’ve also had the privilege of studying and working deeply with the Immunity to Change methodology, as a facilitator of the approach for both individuals and teams. I’ve recently completed a deep learning journey with Team Coaching Studio‘s Diploma program.

Aside from Coaching, if we work together on strategy or assessment related to Information Security, GRC, or Privacy – you’ll notice that I lead with questions, and learn through listening. All of my background and experience is available to help you with the change you’re after.

Kinkou (keen-koh) means “balance”, a word with great personal meaning for me and the hope I have for those I work with – to bring balance back, or discover what new balance is possible.

When I’m not coaching or consulting, you might find me riding a bike, golfing, enjoying the outdoors, or at a Crossfit gym. I’m originally from Cleveland but loving Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for the last 12 years with my wife.


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