“Jason helped me magnify the attention I placed on some desired changes. Over the course of working together, I was able to let go of a long-standing desire for certainty and embrace the unfolding present in my career. This has had a subtle but important impact: it frees up mental space previously used for worry and self-judgement, allowing me to be more present in my work.”
Sr Talent Development Manager, MARYLAND
“For me, working with Jason was like having a business-savvy therapist. I was struggling to figure out how to be effective with my peer leadership team members. Jason is a great listener and always knows just when to interject with useful insights and feedback. He always addresses issues head-on and never tries to hurry the conversation in a direction that is perhaps more “comfortable” — the value of just talking through issues with a smart sounding board cannot be discounted. His wealth of personal experience and work with a wide variety of clients gives him a great perspective on what is and what can be. He is amazing at following up on every chat with useful links and resources that pertain to the topic. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to have deep introspective chats with a sharp and attentive coach.”
Head of Business Development, NYC
“Being a working mother and in the cybersecurity profession, times can get quite stressful. Jason helped me to understand how I turn that stress into energy and build out critical plans for my own self-care. Having these new frameworks in my toolbox, it has helped me show up in a way that has been transformational for me as a leader. His empathy, compassion, and grit throughout our journey is something special, I would recommend anyone to work with him.”
SVP & Chief Information Security Officer, Seattle
“I worked with Jason as a member of a newly forming leadership team charged with transformational organizational change. Under Jason’s guidance, our team quickly became more vulnerable with each other, allowing us to more quickly build trust and cohesion. Jason coached us to establish our guiding principles for how we wanted to engage with each other and with our peers. Leveraging the framework we built together, we were able to disagree, have hard conversations, and cheer on each other’s accomplishments. This work would have taken years without Jason’s ability to supercharge and maximize the team conversations early on.”
Director of IT, Boulder
“Coaching has completely changed my mindset on how I approach goals. Jason spent months guiding me toward a more self-aware version of myself. We spent weeks breaking down things that I want to achieve into bite-size pieces, helping identify my strengths, wants versus needs, and uncovering aspects about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered useful. The best self-care I have done in some time was working with Jason on myself. He has opened my eyes to coaching as a tool, and there is nobody I trust more to guide me. I am a better version of myself because of him, and the work that he put into me.”
Product Manager, Seattle
“I sought out a coach because I knew that the mindset and behaviors that earned me a leadership role in a fast-growing Series A startup would not match those required to develop a successful team. I expected tactical support, but what I received was transformational thinking. Working with Jason helped me re-frame situations, relationships, and conflicts – which is invaluable as a new leader. Jason also provided useful and timely resources: podcasts, articles, etc. that were relevant to me. Coaching far exceeded my expectations, it’s the best investment you can make in your career (and yourself).”
Director, Seattle
“Jason really helped me work through the feelings of burnout I was experiencing in my current role. Through our sessions, I was able to realize that a lot of the pressure and anxiety I was experiencing was due to my own internal thinking and that I could release these feelings by understanding their origin, and changing my own perspective. I know I will be using the tools and insights I’ve learned for the rest of my career.”
Sr. Investment Operations Director, Boston
“I’ve been hesitant to try an Executive Coach for quite some time. I was experiencing impostor syndrome, loss of confidence, and career burnout. Jason helped me organize my thoughts, prioritize deficiencies to be addressed, and pushed me to focus on inner work: changing one’s mindset, how to react to adverse events, and managing through difficult work situations. He is thoughtful, methodical, and thorough in his ability to identify and address common workplace issues. I highly recommend Jason as an Executive Coach!”
Chief Information Security Officer, NYC
“Before working with Jason, I had always been sceptical of coaching, viewing it more as a buzzword industry rather than a necessity. After working with Jason, my entire perspective of my leadership, my role, my ability to lead and influence others, and focus on what is truly important has transformed completely for the better. Jason pushed me in ways that I had not been before and often times I ended our sessions with more questions than answers and a desire to apply what we had covered that week. It became almost therapeutic, leaving me wanting to learn and grow more from each session. I entered our coaching agreement expecting to be guided and taught, but through Jason’s guidance and coaching I ended up teaching and guiding myself, a skill that will continue to have many benefits throughout my career. If you truly want to be challenged, grow as a leader, professional, and a person…Jason will help you achieve that. My time with him has fundamentally changed how I approach and view not just my career but also as a person, friend, and spouse and I’m positive it will have a lasting positive impact on me for many years to come. Jason is a highly valuable resource for anyone looking to reinvent or grow themselves in whatever aspect they require.”
Senior Manager, Denver
“With the pace of business these days, making the time to invest in coaching might seem daunting. The reality is that we need to take the time to slow down and be thoughtful about how we approach work, the people we work with, and the daily challenges we work together to solve.
I found that Jason’s demeanor and approach is an oasis of calm. Taking time to step away from that sometimes frantic work pace allows us to fully embrace our human side – and this is the side of us that will only be in greater and greater demand as business continues to merge more powerful technologies into the work environment.
SVP, Sales, Seattle
“I initially sought out Jason’s coaching to explore how to better define my career goals but what I got was so much more. Through our sessions together, he helped me identify and name obstacles which gave me tools to change anxiety inducing situations into more fruitful ones and helped to boost my overall confidence. Jason not only helped to redefine my vision for my future, he guided me to find my core self to build upon by breaking down the walls I put up in my past.”
Manager, Seattle
“I am a repeat customer of Jason’s coaching offerings. He tailored a curriculum to help me identify my strengths and, importantly, face the diminishing tendencies in my leadership approach. I applied these techniques at work to such immediate success that my team at work wanted in. To that end, Jason curated a series of workshops for my team. He took pre workshop time to understand the nuances of the team and our working dynamic to maximize the group coaching sessions. In COVID times especially, teams can be weary of attending some sort of ‘generic team building exercise’. With Jason’s approach the team came out reinvigorated by the new tools and techniques we had been equipped with. It was a resounding success.”
Director, Seattle
“Our coaching sessions helped me focus and remember the joy I found in work, and inspired me to think that I might have that again someday. It also highlighted the work that I need to do to get there. The sessions were motivating and encouraging in helping me to focus on my professional journey moving forward.”
VP, Business Implementation & Governance
“I decided to work with Jason as I started a new role at a new company with the goal of being as successful in the new position as possible. I got that and more through each of our sessions together. I also gained a lot in unexpected areas like building confidence in my skill set, embracing what I thought were weaknesses as strengths, how to best navigate life changes and manage it alongside my career, and Jason provided me with a lot of new tools and concepts to help me be effective. Although I didn’t have any huge hurdles or conflicts in my work life I was navigating, this coaching was exactly the “preventative care” I needed and it was very transformational to set me up for long-term success.”
Sales Director, Minneapolis
“Working with Jason was an invaluable part of my transition out of a difficult professional situation. He listened, he prompted me with thoughtful questions, and he helped me realize my own strengths and understand my needs differently than I could have on my own. Having now moved to a new role, I continue to work with Jason to keep myself focused on my growth outside of my current role.”
Head of Public Policy, Seattle
“I met Jason as my professional career coach, yet, his guidance spanned into lifetime gifts which I also apply to my personal life. I am amazed at Jason’s ability to connect virtually, breaking down my walls to discover the authentic me! He helped me recognize how to re-brand my authenticity as a personable yet influential presence with others at work and in life. With that, he worked with me on ways to build on my own confidence to genuinely be the leader whom I aspire to be. I still follow him as an impactful thought leader today.”
Director, Digital Enablement, Seattle
“I met Jason earlier this year when we were in the same learning group of Seth Godin’s altMBA. I enjoyed his perspective and learned so much with him during those four weeks, that I wanted to continue and start a coaching relationship. I was looking for someone outside my organization to help me explore things from a different perspective and challenge me. Initially, I started working with Jason on a long-term plan to transition to a new career in 2022. Within a month, all of our lives and my industry were shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jason coached me through this stressful time, helping me to identify habits and thought processes to manage this stress. Jason also helped me build the confidence to make a huge decision to take a leap and start a new career sooner than I’d originally planned. When my employer offered buyouts to cut costs due to the pandemic, I struggled with the decision. He recommended some excellent material and asked many coaching questions to help me make a decision that aligned with my values and goals. Also, I have a tendency to be self-critical, and Jason helped point out blind spots and made me realize how that was getting in my way. Through our coaching, Jason set up a coaching page in Notion for me, including a habit tracker. This habit tracker and our discussions around building habits have made a huge difference in my life. It has given me an extra level of accountability to focus on things important to me such as daily meditation, journaling, exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and building a consistent reading habit. Jason’s style of coaching was the perfect balance of encouragement and challenge for me. I would recommend his services to anyone stuck in a rut or navigating a career change.”
Senior Manager, Dallas
“Learning from Jason was a privilege. His sincere approach helped me to better understand my own challenges and strengths. There were obstacles sitting in my way that I hadn’t realized were there, and Jason helped me identify what those were so I could take them on one by one. Not only have I had the privilege of one-on-one coaching with Jason, but also the great experience of being with a cohort of learners for the Multiplier’s Program. This was one of the best learning experiences I have had. Much of that had to do with the group of professionals that Jason put together. Each member was thoughtful, engaged, and full of lessons that were readily applicable in my own work. Needless to say, I use the techniques I learned from that course in my work every day and have become a more thoughtful and considerate leader because of it.”
Privacy Manager, Toronto