Leadership Coaching

What Is Leadership Coaching?

This coaching service is for leaders everywhere. Founders, early-in-career professionals, executives, or newly minted managers; we all want to grow ourselves as leaders more, and works towards the change we want.

In just about every pursuit in life or career, people have coaches. Athletes, musicians, public speakers, they all have them. These performers know that a coach will help them strengthen themselves using resourcefulness that’s been buried or forgotten, by putting in practice reps, and creating a vision of a future that motivates them. The exact same thing is true in our business lives. 

This private, one-on-one Coaching is entirely focused on you, the client, and the future you want or goals you want to accomplish as a leader. Together we’ll explore challenges, obstacles, biases, tendencies you might have that could be holding you back from progress you want – sometimes this work can be difficult, and deeply reflective and personal, but the results are transformational.

What Are The Benefits Of Leadership Coaching?

Have you been thinking about working with a Coach for a long time, and wonder – does this really work? We’re here to say – it does, and here are some benefits that others we’ve worked with have experienced:

  • Clarity of thought related to the leadership presence you want.
  • Healthier professional relationships, your impact on them, and boundaries that might be needed to preserve and protect the greatest asset you can provide – you.
  • Greater coaching capacity for yourself as a leader, more easily recognizing and tapping into the resourcefulness and potential of everyone around you.
  • Better balance between personal and professional life, building or going back to habits that restore you, keeping you sharp mentally, physically, and emotionally for the tough role you have.

Who Needs Leadership Coaching?

Everyone needs a coach because we’re all working on things, but only a few want to do the work required to be in a coaching relationship. No one needs to be fixed, and our Leadership Coaching begins with an understanding that you, our client, are resourceful and capable. Throughout many focuses and endeavors, those who choose to work with a coach are already good, and they want to be even better. Your coach should be there to help motivate you towards the future you want, or goals you want to achieve.

We’ve worked with leaders from non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and startups; from those in high stress roles with a lot on the line, to those simply wanting an objective thinking partner to work through leadership challenges.

What’s Involved in an Effective Leadership Coaching Engagement?

There are a number of elements within a Coaching engagement, all to help you progress towards your inspired future as a leader:

  • Chemistry between a Coach and a Client is very important, we make sure to see if we both feel there’s a good working fit up front. As part of the chemistry conversation, we’ll look to understand what your inspired future as a leader looks like, and any goals that are attached.
  • Oftentimes Leadership Coaching work can be fueled by feedback from others; we’ll make a decision up front if that’s something you’re interested in us doing for you.
  • Since your goals and inspired future are the focus of our Leadership Coaching, you can expect a check-in at the mid-point of the engagement with prompts to find out if we’re making progress towards the goals you have, or if we need to change something up.
  • As we wrap up the work, you’ll receive another set of prompts for reflection on the coaching work as a whole – the progress you’ve made, what you might commit to for continued progress, and any support that you need to help you in the future.

What Leadership Coaching Services Are Offered, And How Long Do They Last?

3-month engagement

This is the minimum length of time we’ll work with someone because of the time it takes to get to know one another, and build trust.

6-month engagement

This engagement length is what many leaders prefer; the work doesn’t feel rushed, and we have plenty of time to build a strong relationship.

12-month engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find that I’m genuinely interested in you and what you might be experiencing, so my questions tend to reflect that. I pay deeper attention to the language and metaphor that you use, because it’s often a window into detail that’s overlooked but contains so much meaning. One client recently described my style as “an oasis of calm”, but I’ll also be willing to challenge and say things or bring to your attention what others might not. Who I am is how I coach – how you experience me in our chemistry call is how I’ll be in our coaching relationship.

Absolutely. Feel free to email or text, and often clients like to connect for a brief call if there’s something important being practiced or prepared for.

They’re both helping professions, but coaching tends to be more future and goal focused, with markers to measure progress and adjusting the support based on what a client needs.

For many, it’s therapeutic, and clients often say that our coaching work feels similar to therapy. Coaching, however, is not a replacement for therapy, they each have their place and value for someone’s needs.

Engagements are based on months not sessions because I’m connected to you throughout the months that we’re together, not just in our coaching sessions. You’ll feel the attention throughout the engagement through things like check-ins on experiences or practice, and progress being made. Plus, you’ll receive resources related to our coaching conversations such as articles, videos, and podcasts.

Executive Coaching tends to focus exclusively on those that are in Executive roles, but most leaders are not Executives. And arguably, many Executive are not the leaders they want to be or the leaders their organizations need, so we decided to offer Leadership Coaching. It encompasses everything that you would be looking for in an Executive Coaching service, but tailored to your specific situation. Jason is a certified Executive Coach with the Hudson Institute of Coaching, and brings in other applied learning to support the coaching work, such as the Immunity to Change approach, Gestalt, and Positive Intelligence.