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The coaching paradox

Musicians, athletes, and performers all have coaches. In fact, we expect them to. Why don’t business professionals use them more? Seth Godin talks about the various reasons. (2 min read)

1% gains

How did British Cycling go from the worst cycling team in history to the most dominant squad ever assembled? By noticing small things they could improve, and building those “marginal gains” over time. This post by James Clear talks a bit about this theory they applied; as leaders and teams, we can do the same. (5 min read)

imposter thinking

“Imposter Syndrome” comes up often in chats with clients. We tend to look at it like it’s an illness we catch from time to time. In this Hidden Brain podcast episode, Psychologist Kevin Cokley talks about Self-Doubt, what goes into it, and how to notice it’s happening. (54 min podcast)

decoding difficult conversations

Conversations are complex sometimes. In this podcast episode of The Knowledge Project, Sheila Heen breaks down the 3 layers that make up every difficult conversation. She’s the co-author of two amazing books, “Difficult Conversations”, and “Thanks for the Feedback”. (90 min podcast)

less but better

Stretched too thin? Do you feel overworked but not making your highest contribution? This Talk at Google with Greg McKeown, author of “Essentialism”, helps us understand how we can focus on what’s truly essential; less, but better. (42 min video)