We end our calendar years often thinking about ALLLL of the things that could be better, and then make a bunch of goals for the new year.

I often hear from leaders that they “just want to be the best leader they can be.

“Best” is elusive, mainly because we haven’t spent much time thinking about how “better” could get us there.

A slight reframe helps us look deeper and reflect on what could better be?

Can “better” be…

  • clear?

  • reasonable?

  • exciting?

  • freeing?

Some prompts to reflect on as a leader:

If any of the “betters” came true, would you notice? How would you be able to tell? How would others be able to tell?

And if the smallest fraction of better came true, how would you celebrate?

What could be possible if better were more meaningful?

Here are a few related resources that I’ve liked recently and have been sharing:

1 // “Research shows that we act like donkeys more often than we realize.” Ozan Varol (Think Like a Rocket Scientist) gives us 4 ways to make better decisions, and not be donkeys. (5 min read)

2 // Better should have limits, also known as “enough”. This post talks about “3 Types of Enough“. (10 min read)

3 // “How hard should I push myself?” 4 helpful ways to manage stress, from the book “Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers”. (8 min read)

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