Impatience. Feeling judged. Things aren’t perfect. Do you struggle with one or all of these feelings from time to time? Or maybe it’s something else?

As a leader, maybe we have a tendency to make a move that (in hindsight) we really don’t want to.

Maybe we…

  • … “come over the top” and abruptly take a challenge or stretch opportunity away from someone because it’s not happening fast enough;

  • … lash back at a peer because of a comment they made;

  • … focus mainly on what’s wrong versus what’s mostly right.

What if we could notice what’s going on for us a bit more, in those moments? And if we learned how to be better at noticing what’s happening, what would we do with that new data?

What would be the inside job for you?

What work would you be willing to do, to practice, that might change things next time you find yourself in the same situation? What could you bravely share with others about what you’re experiencing in those moments, that would help them better understand you, and build a stronger relationship as a result?

What was the last “inside job” that you worked on? That “job” that was only for you? How did it go?

Shoot me a note if you’re willing to share!

If you have an “inside job” (or multiple) that you’ve been considering and want to explore working together, I’d love to chat about it. The inside jobs are usually the toughest to take on, but better for us in the long run.

Here are a few related resources that I’ve enjoyed recently and have been sharing:

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2 // The leaders we need are leaders as coaches. Most leaders aren’t as good as they think they are, and for even the most competent, learning to be a coach can be really difficult. Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular give us a lot to think about, with things to try. (15 min read)

3 // A great leader has a presence that makes other people bigger. Those leaders are developed, not born. Jennifer Garvey Berger visits The Knowledge Project podcast and gives us 3 habits to practice in how to develop ourselves. (90 min podcast)

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