First off, I appreciate you. Thanks for sticking with me and sending messages about what you enjoyed or found useful in these notes. That has helped *me* stay with this.

This newsletter might feel heavy on the James Clear fanboy side, but most might agree that wrapping up a calendar year pushes us to reflect even more and think about what we want to do or have happen in our future. And James just happens to write about things that can be useful there.

“You only need to know the direction, not the destination. The direction is enough to make the next choice.” ~ James Clear

How often do you get hung up on needing to check something off your to-do list? Or getting that paralysis feeling when you’re planning to do something big for yourself or others? Like…

  • Working out more

  • Reading x number of books per year

  • Taking x number of courses per year

  • Getting that promotion

  • Being that super friend

I’ve personally been working on ignoring a tendency to want to “know” what the finish will look like. Trusting the systems and enjoying the process of making a vote towards the person I want to become.

Some things to think about, or just recall and reflect on as you wrap up your year:

And if you have a drive or a nice walk coming up, Brené Brown had James Clear on for a 2-part session on her Dare to Lead podcast. You might laugh every time Brené says “wait, can you say that again?” after she hears something impactful – it happens a lot.

I hope you all have some great time off with family and friends and get to spend a few minutes reflecting on what’s important to you, and the direction you want to focus on in 2022.

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