For some of us, we need a slow start to the year, to gain some momentum. Some of us cross over the January 1st line like a sunburst.

I often think about recovery as it relates to exercise – how can I recover enough so that I can be ready for the next workout?

I’ve thought about the same in the context of stress events in our workday. Does your heart know the difference between a tough physical workout, and a series of stressful meetings, conversations, or other events at work? Should we all be wearing Whoop bands to understand our “recovery score” every day? So that we can see just how much stress our work lives put on us -> highlighting the need for recovery?

We tend not to think we need to recover from our day-to-day professional work, but we do.

Two weeks into a new year:

  • How have things started off?

  • Are you excited (still)?

  • If you could have support from anyone on anything that could help you, who would you ask and for what? (P.S. – you should do that)

Here are a few things I’ve liked recently:

  • “Do not do more today than you can completely recover from by tomorrow.” – Greg McKeown wrote this in his book “Effortless”, and this article from Elizabeth Grace Saunders talks about ways to help you understand the gear or mode you tend to be in, and how you can build a plan to sustain and recover. (5 min read)

  • “Treat rest as a skill.” – you may have seen me post this on LinkedIn, but if you missed it, this article on “How to Rest Well” is great. (10 min read)

  • “Sleep is a strength.” -> are you ready for the napping revolution? Check out this Freakonomics episode, “Nap Time for Everyone!” (30 min podcast)

I hope everyone gets to use part of this weekend to rest & recover so you can be more present for the things and people that need you.

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