Summer is finally here in Seattle, and this amazing weather is what we look forward to during allll the misty months. I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and getting to spend time with family & friends.

What is something you do freely and easily? Something no one asks you or pays you to do? Something that you’ve come to recognize you’re very good at, and it doesn’t take much energy from you? Something that someone else has said you’re great at?

This is your Native Genius.

It can be tough to recognize and then acknowledge this “thing” about ourselves.

It can feel like a humble brag. It might feel a little embarrassing to talk about it in front of people. But when we can recognize one thing that we do very, very well, and it comes naturally to us, that can build trust and confidence in ourselves. Ask someone in your life what you’re naturally brilliant at. Try to give your Native Genius a superhero name and wear it as a badge. (e.g. The Awesome Analyzer). Try to identify the Native Genius of everyone on your team and share your Native Genius with your team. Try to identify the Native Genius of a team or group you work closely with. The more Genius you’re aware of all around you, the more possibility opens, and the more you can easily call on that Genius when you need it.

Here are a few resources I’ve been sharing lately, that remind me of genius…

  • Sometimes new genius can make us feel like we might lose something: credibility, value, or reputation as the person who does all the things. This post talks about “giving away your Lego’s” and has great advice for when you’re working with a fast growing team or company. We collect “Lego’s” when the team / company is small, we wear a lot of hats. When new genius comes in to help, it’s time to give the “Lego’s” away. (15 min read)

  • Genius can show up when we allow ourselves to be bored. (5 min read)

  • Learning about the genius of others is an infinite game. This is a classic talk by Simon Sinek, well worth the 30 minutes.

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