I’ve been reading about The Great Reconsideration (previously famous as The Great Resignation). Many people reconsidering what they want their lives to look like, including what they do professionally. As a friend of mine used to say, “This is what I do to make money to afford doing things I’d rather be doing.” I’ve talked to a number of people over the last couple of months that are reconsidering a LOT in their professional lives.

Some are looking to “get out of corporate life”.

Some are looking to push themselves to a new limit, seeking out roles with startups or non-profits.

Some are even starting their own business. (and I think that’s pretty awesome!)

Thinking about something new, you might have said to yourself: “I don’t think I can do it.”

Have you ever listened to professional athletes talk about their performance? Most of the time, they say “We prepared for this and we went out and got it done.” You hear this a lot from team sports, but have you noticed solo athletes / Olympians saying this too? Golfers say it. Ultra Marathoner’s say it. They say it because they know that it takes more than just them to make things happen.

We all have fans. Every one of us. Fans that are waiting on our personal sidelines waiting to be called into the game. To help. To support. To offer up an idea or experience. All you have to do is ask. I promise you there’s someone in your life that is waiting for you to call on them. And they’re really, really, excited about it – they’ve been waiting for this moment.

Some resources that come to mind related to this:

  • This essay on “1,000 True Fans” is famous (because it’s great!). Some read it every year as a reminder to focus on fans. I don’t think you need a 1,000, or even a 100. Start small, start by thinking about 10 fans or less. And send them a note asking “What’s one thing that I do uniquely well that sets me apart from other people?” (15 min read)

  • We often neglect the value of subtraction. Sometimes that’s because it’s harder to think about, but “getting to less” can help us during a time in our lives (personally & professionally) where we feel that *everything* is an “AND” versus an “OR”. (5 min read)

  • Seth Godin encourages us to “show your work” – your fans can help polish your work or goal, making it better. A chef shows their work every single dinner service. Let’s be more like a chef. (2 min read)

Who is a fan you can talk to this week?

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